Here at High Park Barns we have put in place a number of measures to keep all of our guests & staff safe, whilst allowing guests use of the swimming pool and hot tub facility without any concerns. 

This page details everything we have done, as well as aspects where guests play their part in keeping High Park a safe, relaxing and enjoyable venue. 

Enjoying the Swimming Pool

To keep guests as safe as possible, dedicated pool timings have been assigned. The slots are rotated on a daily basis to that every property receives a 1 hour fixed time slot every day in one of the 7 timed slots. No “deemed preferential” time slots have been allocated twice in a 7 day period.

The swimming pool and hot tub will be open.

Pool Timings

Checking in

During your stay

Additional Cleaning Measures

If you display Covid-19 Symptoms

Before You Go