Keypitts Offroad Adventures

Keypitts is an activity centre in Ilfracombe, North Devon offering Quad biking, Mini Land Rovers, 4×4 Land Rover Experience and Axe Throwing.

Quad Biking Experience

An awesome activity to get you & your family or friends doing something exhilarating and challenging. Catering for everyone, regardless of age or ability, come and test yourself on our 200 acres of challenging (but very scenic) terrain. We’re an all-weather attraction, open all year. Don’t be put off by the rain – the WETTER, the BETTER! We have a large range of quads to cater for everyone from 6 years old and above. This includes 50cc – 450cc Yamaha’s, Honda’s, Adly’s & Cf Moto’s. So we have small bikes for the small kids and BIG bikes for the BIG Kids!

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Mini Land Rover Experience

This is for the 3 – 10 year olds – I bet your little ones want to drive! Well now they can, let them get behind the wheel and steer themselves around our purpose built track. BUT don’t worry mum for dad you will have a remote control to stop the vehicle if they get into difficulty! They can take up to 2 children.

Off-road 4×4 Land Rover Experience

Learn to drive off-road in Ilfracombe, North Devon, here at Keypitts in the best vehicle for the job – the Land Rover Discovery! This 4×4 experience will take you out for an exhilarating journey of 30-45 minutes, all over our 200 acres of challenging terrain.

Starting out fairly easy, the course will get harder the further you progress – don’t worry though, our instructors are talented off-road drivers themselves and will be right with you to help out. If at any point you don’t feel comfortable, or the instructor feels a certain part may be too challenging, they will take over and drive for you – though this rarely happens. You’ll come away with new skills and far better knowledge of how to drive off-road, in addition to an awesome North Devon day out doing something a bit different.

Please note must hold a full driving license to be able to drive, and can take up to 3 passengers along with you. If no one has a driving license, then we can take up to 4 passengers on a 4×4 ride with one of our instructors driving.

Axe Throwing

Have you ever gone axe throwing? Probably not – which is why you should definitely try it out here at Keypitts! A unique activity that’ll really test how good your aim is, this is an awesome addition to a day out in North Devon.

We use professional throwing axes, Tomahawks or Mousehawks for the slightly smaller people. We have 3 targets which are marked with points and get harder as you’ll go, so you’ll quickly find there is a definite technique behind throwing an axe!